Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Last week sometime I went down to weight watchers and bought myself a podometer. Of course, I am going on a diet with my family, but I keep telling myself it isn't a weight watchers diet.. The more I think about it, I am on a weight watchers diet. I add up all my points during the day, try not to eat as many as I am suppose to, even though weight watchers says that you NEED to eat all the points you are suppose to. Don't listen to them, they are wrong they are saying that so you don't lose weight as fast as they want you to because then they can keep you longer. =) I know the tricks people, good try!
Well all last week I keep kinda forgetting about my podometer and wouldn't wear it around, OHH Jenny, Grandma, and Grandpa; I got the strap on it, so I hope I don't lose it now. But I was so lazy last week with my diet just beginning and I really didn't care, didn't want to do it. I probably never reached my 10,000steps a day...
This week on the other hand, I mean it has only been 2days into the week, but Monday I got 16,000steps in, also I ate only about 16points and drank 72 fluid ounces of water. =) Kinda alot but I love water and through out the whole day its really not that much. Today is Tuesday and its only 1:45pm and I've only been to school and then home to eat lunch. I walked 6,000steps just at school and I have only ate 7points and I have had 24 fluid ounces of water so far, but my day isn't even close to over yet. I still have to go to work for 5hours. Maybe I will get over 16,000 or close to it again today.
My mom is doing really good too, she found candy in her purse and she didn't eat it, suprisingly I think she got rid of it. She has been buying us the "smart one" meals and those are very good. There are only like two kinds that I HATE to eat. And then we eat salads, veggies and fruit. =) Yum! Mom also gets her 10,000steps in everynight also. We are both doing really good on this!


  1. Tabitha, I am so glad to hear that you are using the pedometer and have joined on the WW wagon! You have seen the proof that the program works!
    However, I really want to talk to you about your thought of: "using all your points, WW doesnt want you to lose weight fast" I can understand your thinking there, I thought the same thing, but believe me from my experience and Max's....eating your points IS IMPORTANT, its not a trick! I want to explain to you why.
    The weeks that max decided not to eat all his points are the weeks that he doesnt lose or gains...HONESTLY and there is a reason for that! Max and I went through the whole program, listened to all the data, etc, and I want you to have ALL the information so you understand. But I am not going to force it on you, if you want to know why it is important to eat your points let me know and then we will talk, ok?
    good luck, and i hope you dont see this as a "diet" but as a lifestyle change....that is the ONLY WAY IT WORKS!
    talk to you soon!

  2. yes, indeed. i'd like to talk and hear what you have to tell me about this. i need to know thr tricks.