Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Last week sometime I went down to weight watchers and bought myself a podometer. Of course, I am going on a diet with my family, but I keep telling myself it isn't a weight watchers diet.. The more I think about it, I am on a weight watchers diet. I add up all my points during the day, try not to eat as many as I am suppose to, even though weight watchers says that you NEED to eat all the points you are suppose to. Don't listen to them, they are wrong they are saying that so you don't lose weight as fast as they want you to because then they can keep you longer. =) I know the tricks people, good try!
Well all last week I keep kinda forgetting about my podometer and wouldn't wear it around, OHH Jenny, Grandma, and Grandpa; I got the strap on it, so I hope I don't lose it now. But I was so lazy last week with my diet just beginning and I really didn't care, didn't want to do it. I probably never reached my 10,000steps a day...
This week on the other hand, I mean it has only been 2days into the week, but Monday I got 16,000steps in, also I ate only about 16points and drank 72 fluid ounces of water. =) Kinda alot but I love water and through out the whole day its really not that much. Today is Tuesday and its only 1:45pm and I've only been to school and then home to eat lunch. I walked 6,000steps just at school and I have only ate 7points and I have had 24 fluid ounces of water so far, but my day isn't even close to over yet. I still have to go to work for 5hours. Maybe I will get over 16,000 or close to it again today.
My mom is doing really good too, she found candy in her purse and she didn't eat it, suprisingly I think she got rid of it. She has been buying us the "smart one" meals and those are very good. There are only like two kinds that I HATE to eat. And then we eat salads, veggies and fruit. =) Yum! Mom also gets her 10,000steps in everynight also. We are both doing really good on this!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Journey back into 2009

Well, I decided since everyone else was putting their favorite pictures up from the past year I would do the same. I tried to come up with one from each month.. haha. It was really really hard. I will so, do better this year at taking pictures and keeping track of them. I want to become a camera freak this year!! =)

Dec. 2009

This is my friends little boy. I love this kid!! He is such a sweetie, and he stayed all night with me at the end of 2009. I never had a problem with him. I would watch him any day. I just love this beautiful picture!! =)

Nov. 2009

During one of our dress up as a character day, I asked if I could borrow an old band uniform and dress as a marching band character and I sorta just brought this jacket home and took pictures in it. haha. I love it!

Oct. 2009Happy Halloween! =) Of course, Halloween is my favorite Holiday since its right after my birthday. Plus, I just love this picture of all the girls!! Jaden, Devin, Shannon, Taylor, and Me (Tabitha)

Sept. 2009 Alright, I can't believe I went out in public like this!! Okay.. I'mma band kidd, I know why I did this. So East Noble's Marching Band, guard line did their hair like this, and Brooklynn's hair was already done like this, before we went out because of band, so I fixed mine up. Poor grandma!

Aug. 2009
Well, facebook should be my new bestfriend. It helped me meet the other half of my family. This is my older half sister, Cindy. I meet her on facebook, just this year! Your lucky I added you, Cindy, or am I lucky I added you? This was my first day to see her and remember her. A first date at Arby's! c(=

July 2009
This is my bestest friend in the whole wide world.. Brooklynn!! =) Yepp. We don't have to many pictures of us together, and out of the ones we have this is one of my favorites.

June 2009
I adore this picture. When someone in the family has alzheimers and you see them laugh, you have no idea how good it makes you feel, knowing that they are still enjoying themselves, even though they may not remember a second later why they were laughing. (Grandma, was blowing on the flower, cause its like a windmill)
May 2009
Corn rows: Everyone at work was getting them, so I decided to try it out!! Lets just say, I was called plentey of rude names, and won't do it again. Plus, it looks funny on a white girl with blonde hair.. No offence to any other blondes that are white that might do it. Just didn't look right on me. It was worth a shot though! =)

April 2009
This was during a Tornado Watch! The wind was picking up, but the sky was so pretty!! I love storms. Those of you who remember when I was younger and we had that tornado, yeah I hated storms after that. But I love them now! =)
Mar. 2009
Soggy, wet, cold grass; and look Brooklynn still wears flip flops!! I love this picture of midnight. Midnight was 14yrs old in 2009. <3 Nothing like playing hid-n-seek in the nasty March weather. BRRR!!!

Feb. 2009
Camping out with Brooklynn, of course they took a picture while I was sleeping. I kinda like this one I won't lie!! (:

Jan. 2009
Build A Bear, Welcomes;; Candace. I love my hair cut in this picture!!
It's fun to look back at all the pictures from the past, and see the difference from year to year!! I hope everyone has a good 2010 year!! Sen'10r year!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

long, long ago!!

Merry Christmas, everyone!!! I can't believe that it is already time for Christmas. Wow, I am down to five months left of school and I will be out of high school. I can't believe it. I am going to try to catch you up on everything in this blog, and hopefully I do a better job next year at keeping this updated. I guess that there is just enough time for everything. I guess we will start with the latest and work ourselves down to were I left off before.

This snow, isn't it crazy. I actually kind of like it to be honest, I mean by the end or middle of winter I will get really tired of it. Ooh, and East Noble leave it up to them to make their students go to school all the way through today. I didn't go cause we had a two hour delay and my only two classes would have been Band and then T.A. for Jazz Band, no point in really going, plus I have to finish my Christmas shopping and wrapping presents today anyways.

Monday night I did a little baby-sitting. I watched my friends baby for them cause they had plans. I only keep him from 5:30pm-6:15am. Good thing he is a good little baby because it was a school night. His name is Austin and he is only 8months old. I thought he was 9months. He only woke me up at 2am, and went right back to sleep by 2:15am, whatta good baby! He even got to give his mommy and daddy their Christmas gift. They loved it!!

The Bartels Christmas was fun, I really enjoyed it. What did you guys think of it? Just sitting back and catching up on everything was really nice. Madison let me know when we can find sometime to hang out, I'm up for whenever. =)

Marching Band season has finally came to the end! =) Actually it did that a long time ago. I'm just really late. Our season was amazing!, all but you know the part where I had to sit out for the whole summer, due to my foot but it is alright! And did you know that at a competition if they don't want to do an inside show and the field is to muddy you can just perform on the parking lot where the band practices?? I didn't know that till this year when we went to, I think, Snider but it is held at Wayne High School and yeah. We had to march on their parking lot, with there light posts in the way and they had no stands for the watchers to watch. I tell you what I forgot half the show that night because I was so confused on how we were set up that I almost had to just walk off the field. It was RIDICULOUS!!! =) But we did make it to semi-state again, just not to state finals. Still got to march in the Lucis Oil Stadium, amazing!! SO much better this year then last year!! =)

I feel like there is still so much more to tell you, but I don't know what else to. hmm.. wanna know anything just ask. =) I'll tell.

Have a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. I am going to start keeping this updated more often and I am going to head shopping right now. =)Just to let you all know. I love this picture!! <3

Saturday, February 21, 2009

My First Blog

I don't know what to really write about in here. I don't have to much to say other then I had a great night last night. Well after school all I knew was that I was going to hang out with Brooklynn and Trenton had Tanner over. Well, I wanted to see Brady and I got my wish. (FYI...Brady is 3yrs. old. He is Tanner's little brother. And I love him to death) Brooklynn and I go pick up Brady at 6, then we fasten him in his car seat and we start making our plans for the night. First we were going to go to WalMart then to use our dollar cupon at DQ then to see Grandma Marie, that little boy loves her, then we were comming home. The whole way to WalMart he wanted to know if he could buy a free toy so I said sure we will buy a toy but not get a toy free. So, we buy playdoh, but couldn't open it till we got home. Then we get ice-cream and take it to Grandmas to eat. He ran into Sacred Heart and into Grandma's room and went up to her and said hi grammy. We spent about a half hour with her, then I decided since it was 8, we should probably head to my house. The poor guy didn't want to leave. He had to go tell al the residents hi, before we could leave. We get in the car to come home and once we get home I have a bag of toys, his diper bag, and him, and my purse, plus the dog is in the house and already growling before we get in the house and he is holding on to me really tight. Well. I run inside through everything down run to the bathroom, man did I have to go to the bathroom. And of course Brady is in the bathroom with me cause the dog was in the living-room. Finally I get Midnight to go outside and we get out the legos, bubbles, the halk, iron man, silly putty, and playdoh. We made mac-n-cheese, and Taylor (my boyfriend) comes over and Brooklynn was still with me and Trenton and Tanner and my mom and dad come back home and we all played together. But Brady is so cute when he talks to my mom, I don't know if it is because she has gray hair or what but he always wants to call her grandma. It is so cute. I should put a few pictures up for you to see.
Well, I have to go get ready I am having friends over tonight and Brady might come stay the night with Tabifa and Treten. :)